Long time….no see

So much for the resolution to create a current blog to document my travels teaching abroad! It was one of those, “I will get to it” things that just didn’t get got to, so I’m breaking the rule of blogs, and backtracking to recreate the entries that SHOULD have happened (I hate that word “should”).

So we pick up at the continuation of the first leg of my international teaching journey, in Sudan. Why did I choose such a challenging location for my first time teaching abroad? That’s a great question. I prefer to think that Sudan chose me.

I wanted a change, a shot in the arm to keep me from leaving teaching forever. I was at a point in my career that it was either Teaching Music, or Me that had to go. I loved music, I loved teaching, but I did not love teaching music in the States. I had taught the gamut — public school, private school, rural, urban, parochial, and charter in three different states for the biggest part of my adult life.

I believed that unless I made a big change, I would leave teaching altogether. I had friends who supported me but I won’t lie, it was not the most popular choice with my family…but that’s another blog for another time.

So….without further ado…….

Photo credit: Sam Copthorne