Teaching in Sudan


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Is it different teaching in Sudan?  Yes and No–We do not have the same access to musical instruments and resources like we are privileged to have in the States, but I am discovering that kids are the same here as they are at home. Most of the way I am teaching is very new to them, they have not had such interactive classes and it does not seem that they have done a lot of movement either, so I have the world as my oyster.  The thing that I notice the most is the difference in the level of hands-on experience and skill from there to here.  Perhaps it is because in my previous teaching position I had taught the children for 7 years so I built the foundation with them, but regardless we are learning together.  I am learning to teach in a more rudimentary way and my patience in taking more time for each element in the lesson is increasing.  I am learning to build and extend each lesson more, as their interest is keen and they are willing to do more with what I would have considered very simple activities than I would have done with my previous students….maybe it was my attention span!!  We are hoping to be able to add more barred instruments to the classroom, as those instruments are sorely lacking.  There are some traditional xylophone-type instruments that are built here that I am hoping to purchase for the school.  More about that later!  Here are some snapshots of some of the first classes I’ve taught here in Sudan!

Working with simple rhythm patterns

Working with simple rhythm patterns


Creating simple rhythm patterns


Music students playing traditional Sudanese drums


Performing composed rhythm patterns with body percussion

4 thoughts on “Teaching in Sudan

  1. Hi Robin, I’m looking forward to reading about more of your journey (the learning journey, the musical journey, as well as the geographical journey), and about life in Khartoum. Thanks for following my blog! I am returning the interest right back atcha! Gillian

  2. Your job sounds rewarding! Wouldn’t it be fun to sing a song (via Skype or something) with some of our students here? I think that would be AMAZING, and I’m guessing our choir teachers would embrace the idea wholeheartedly!

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