Living at Unity High School


It ain’t fancy….but it’s home

I’ll admit it’s a little strange living right “in” the school I work at, however it’s pretty darn convenient.  It takes about 2 minutes tops to get to my classroom and if I have a break I can come up to my flat to plan, rest, eat, go to the toilet (too much information?), or whatever I like.  I lived in a flat on the top floor to start with, which I am convinced is haunted by a poltergeist.  Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.  Electrical surges, power outage, cooler dying, ceiling leaking from a faulty pipe upstairs resulting in a flood, you name it.  When a flat came available on the floor below, I JUMPED at the chance to move!  After waiting (and waiting) for the guy in it to finally move to the other building, I happily packed up all my stuff and migrated.  So far, so good and I love my new digs.

View from the porch

Door to my flat!IMG_1768[1]

2 thoughts on “Living at Unity High School

  1. Love to see your quarters and it looks like a charming refuge from the world, as it should be. I think it is funny how you are saying “toilet” now instead of bathroom! Too bloody British now, mate!


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