Mid-Term Holiday

We had a ten day break mid-term and it was a very welcome break! (Aren’t they all?) 50 of our students went to Istanbul with ten teachers, and while Istanbul sounded fun, spending it with 50 students didn’t—so I opted to stay around Khartoum and hang out with my friends who were also staying. We did a lot of resting, relaxing, watching movies, eating at some restaurants we always wanted to try, swimming and the highlight was our cruise down the Nile. The water was relaxing, there were a lot of other boats with everyone waving happily. We saw some amazing villas along the shoreline — hard to believe we were in Sudan based on their extravagance—reminding us there is a LOT of money SOMEWHERE here!! We kept saying, “We need to know these people!”

The Nile Swimming Cafe!

This is a view of a larger ferry that cruises down the river.

This was the actual café, the boat was docked next to it. (Yes that is astro turf on the floor!) The café is a double decker boat, I’m not entirely sure if it actually leaves dock or not. There are some that definitely do, and we’re thinking about planning a party on one of them to end the school year. We had a little coffee on the cruise.


Some guys were bathing a donkey in the river,

he really seemed to be enjoying it..

Then he became a diving board! Not sure how

much he was into that?

We climbed off the boat and waded in the NILE RIVER (still can’t believe it!)

Fortunately, we did NOT capture the Herculean effort climbing BACK onto the boat without a ladder—not a pretty sight!

2 thoughts on “Mid-Term Holiday

  1. What great memories you are creating for yourself, Robin….Please keep sharing, I am loving the stories of your adventures there.


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