Unity High School – Home Away From Home

Unity High School is the oldest school in Khartoum.  It was established in 1902 as an all girls school.  It has gone through many changes over the years, offering IGCSE and Cambridge system.  We have a Nursery school across the street from the main campus and on campus we have three sections of each level – Reception (Kindergarten) through Year 11.  We also have Year 12 and A Levels students.  I’m still learning what some of this means, because it’s based on a British system that varies significantly from that in the US. The curriculum is much more prescribed than what I have used (although the music curriculum is mine to do with what I like) and has a pretty stringent exam schedule.  We do not offer music for years 10 or 11 as they have not implemented the IGCSE curriculum for secondary school.  The school has a lot of character, having been around for more than 100 years.  Here are a few shots of the campus!


The main entrance foyer

Courtyard under the canopy

Courtyard under the canopy

Field looking out from the Principal's courtyard

Field looking out from the Principal’s courtyard


Walkway between one of the fields and F block (Secondary School) The principal’s home is at the end of the walkway.


Classrooms on first two levels, teacher accomodations on top two. This is the walkway between the administration building and the C block.


Secondary Library

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