Back to Khartoum–Home Away From Home

Well, it seems like I just went back to the States and now here I am heading back to Khartoum–or KTown as we lovingly refer to it!  I’m now sitting in Dulles Airport waiting for the flight to leave in a few hours.  Had a 30 minute delay…and hoping that is all there is!

Summer was great in Cleveland, however it was unseasonably cool so I’m sure I’ll have a bit of an adjustment to the heat again!  I was hoping for a scorcher and debated on wearing my winter coat and driving around in my car without the A/C to get my body to acclimate more easily to the Sudan heat…but I decided NOT to do that!

It’s been an expensive flight so far–extra baggage fees out the wazoo.  I knew I was bringing a lot back but I didn’t realized how MUCH.  I was determined to have some of my necessities this year so I paid it…hope those Starbucks coffee beans are worth it!

I’m promising more regular updates this year!!

Washington Dulles International Terminal

Washington Dulles International Terminal

Last one of these for a while!

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