Random Birds in Random Places

I have a bit of an affinity for birds…since one is my namesake. I saw a few exotic ones but didn’t manage to capture them in a photo. The giant hawk on the top of the school tower was a daily visitor. Pretty sure he scooped up rats (good!) and the unfortunate kitten (sad) from the profuse overpopulation.

This morning dove loved to sit on my window ledge. I never saw a mate, which I thought was unusual, since I usually saw them in pairs stateside. Maybe this was a single lady dove, like me. Solidarity, sister!

Wild Turkey alert! At the Greek Club swimming pool, this turkey would come and go as he pleased. He read the sign about safe swimming intently this time and obeyed all the rules.

And then the chickens and rooster brigade came…same pool, different day. I have no idea why they were hanging out there. They didn’t stay long and left quietly.

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