You’re Going Where???

Out and about abaya style

Yep, I’m in Saudi Arabia these days. Teaching music…of course….at an amazing international school in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I started teaching here at the height of COVID, from my mom’s basement in Kentucky. So I was pulling the midnight shift due to the difference in time zones. Some of it is a blur to be totally honest. With all the craziness surrounding the pandemic, I had to hit the ground running at a new school from a “virtual” classroom while reinventing how I teach MUSIC--it was a challenge in a million different ways. EVERYTHING I would normally do to begin a new school year, especially at a new school, I pretty much had to throw out the window. It stretched my creativity and problem-solving skills to figure out some way to actually feel like I was teaching them something! ZOOM calls, learning to use LOOM and Seesaw; discovering apps and sites I never knew existed, and trying to get to know all of these new little musicians through a screen. CRAZY!

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